Stryker Hip Replacement Recall Lawyer for Newton, MA Patients

Attorney David Szerlag and our Hip Recall Team have filed lawsuits on behalf of patients affected by the Stryker hip replacement recall. Some of the lawsuits were filed for patients who had their initial hip replacements done in Newton, MA.  You can contact attorney David Szerlag for a FREE consultation here regarding a lawsuit against Stryker seeking compensation.

The lawsuits filed for Massachusetts patients by David and our team allege that Stryker modular-neck and stem products (later recalled) failed at the junction between the neck and stem due to corrosion and fretting that can cause metallosis, metal poisoning from chromium and cobalt ions. It was for this reason that, in July of 2012, Stryker recalled Rejuvenate and ABGII modular-neck and stem components.

Our clients have experienced pain, hip implant failure and psuedotumors (tumor-like growths that have may be referred to as masses, cysts, bursae, collections, or aseptic lymphocyte-dominated vasculitis-associated lesions).

Our lawyers are representing dozens of people who have been harmed by the recalled Stryker hip products. Many of their clients have had or will be having revision surgery, where the defective Stryker hip products are removed and replaced.

“Revision surgery is extremely invasive because the stem needs to be removed from the femur,” said Pritzker. “We allege that the Stryker Rejuvenate products that were implanted to prevent pain ended up causing more pain because of severely damaged tissue and bones in the area surrounding these hip implant products.”

David Szerlag, of Counsel attorney for our law firm, has offices in the Boston area.

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