Attorney Video: Avelox and Uveitis, Iritis, Iris Transillumination

Our law firm has been retained by people who have developed severe eye injuries shortly after using Avelox. Their investigation has found that Avelox can cause a variety of eye conditions, typically characterized by extreme sensitivity to light:

  • Uveitis (painful inflammation of eye);
  • Iritis (painful inflammation of the iris);
  • Acute pigment dispersion syndrome (APDS);
  • Iris transillumination;
  • Iris hypopigmentation;
  • Pigmentary glaucoma; and
  • Cornea perforations.

You can contact our lawyers for a free consultation about an Avelox lawsuit for blindness, uveitis, iritis, APDS, iris transillumination, iris hypopigmentation, glaucoma and/or cornea perforations.

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Category: Product Liability
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