19 Child Deaths Caused by Dogs in 2012

Last year health departments reported 19 children who had been killed by a dog in the United States:

  1. January – 23-month-old killed by his grandparents’ pit bull;
  2. January – 6-year-old killed by a German shepherd trained as a medical service dog (mauled to death);
  3. February – 2-day-old killed a husky, one of the baby’s family’s four dogs;
  4. March – 17-month-old killed by a neighbor’s Rottweiler;
  5. March – 4-year-old child killed in a pit bull attack;
  6. April – 2-month-old killed by the family’s golden retriever-Labrador retriever mix;
  7. April – 1-year-old killed by the family’s Mastiff-Rhodesian Ridgeback;
  8. May – 15-month-old killed by the family’s pit bull while under the care of the grandfather;
  9. May – 3-day-old killed by the family’s dog, a pit bull mix;
  10. May – 2-year-old killed by two stray dogs, Labrador retriever-German shepard mix;
  11. June – 2-year-old killed by a neighbor’s 2 mixed-breed dogs;
  12. June – 8-month-old killed by one of 3 pit bulls owned by the mother’s roommate;
  13. September – 4-year-old killed by an unknown dog;
  14. September – 10-month-old killed by the family’s mixed-breed dog;
  15. September – 3-month-old killed by the family dog, a pit bull mix;
  16. October – 3-week-old mauled by the family dog, a pit bull;
  17. November – 3-month-old killed at a boarding kennel owned by the mother;
  18. December – 2-year-old killed by a pit bull while visiting a relative who rented space from the dog’s owner; and
  19. December – 8-year-old killed by a pack of stray dogs while sledding.

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