Stryker Hip Personal Injury: Lawyers for Revision Surgery Compensation

Lawyers Fred Pritzker and David Szerlag are lead attorneys for our Stryker hip implant and revision surgery litigation team. They recently won over $40 million for patients injured by another medical product and are now accepting Stryker hip lawsuit personal injury cases throughout the United States.

Hip Replacement Recall
Stryker Hip Implants Removed from a Patient

On July 4, 2012, Stryker Orthopaedics issued a recall of two hip implant products, Rejuvenate Modular and ABGII modular-neck hip stems. Styker recalled these products because the design, a modular neck junction, can result in metal debris (chromium and cobalt ions) accumulating at the neck junction of the hip implant. This metal poisoning (metallosis) can cause tissue damage near the hip implant, some so severe that the tissue has been destroyed (tissue necrosis).

Can I Sue Styker for Hip Pain, Disability and Revision Surgery?

You may have a claim for money damages against Stryker if any of the following apply:

  • You have had revision surgery;
  • You are scheduled to have revision surgery;
  • You suffer from severe pain, swelling or inflammation;
  • There has been a change in your gait (walking);
  • You have been diagnosed with metal poisoning (chromium or cobalt poisoning)
  • You have suffered bone loss or tissue damage; and/or
  • Your hip joint has become dislocated or has loosened.

Our attorneys are representing people injured by hip implants and are available for a free consultation for any patients who have a hip implant and want to know if they can sue the manufacturer for their pain and suffering, medical expenses, disability, loss of quality of life and other damages. Our law firm has offices in Minneapolis, MN. David Szerlag has offices in Providence, RI and Boston, MA.

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