NECC Injections at MAPS and Minnesota Surgery Center

To date, there are 13 confirmed fungal infection cases in Minnesota (all in the Twin Cities area) linked to steroid injections made by New England Compounding Center (NECC). Attorney Fred Pritzker is representing over 40 patients with NECC injection claims, including several in Minnesota. Fred has offices in Minneapolis, MN. One of his clients has shared her story with The St. Paul Pioneer Press and The Guardian. You can read Fred’s article about her fungal meningitis case and the corporate greed and malfeasance that caused it here.

Fred and his Bad Bug Law Team have recently won $40,000,000 for clients injured by another unsafe medical product. He and his team of lawyers are now providing free consultations to patients with the following potential NECC injection claims:

  • Fungal meningitis from an NECC steroid injection into the spine for back pain;
  • Fungal osteomyelitis (bone infection) from NECC injection;
  • Epidural abscess (infection in the area between the bones of the spine and the meninges (the membranes covering the spinal cord)) in the area of the NECC injection; and
  • Spinal tap (lumbar puncture) to test for fungal meningitis.

Most people have not heard of osteomyelitis or epidural abscess. These infections are extremely serious and can cause permanent injury and death if they are not treated in a timely manner. Treatment generally consists of surgery and strong antibiotics taken for a long period of time.

The Minnesota cases are part of a national outbreak of fungal infections (462 as of today) linked to tainted NECC steroid injections, specifically methylprednisolone acetate (MPA). The FDA and CDC found fungal contamination in two lots of the NECC MPA, “smoking gun” evidence that the NECC MPA caused the fungal infections.

Fred and his Bad Bug Law Team are providing FREE consultations here to patients who received NECC steroid shots from the following Twin Cities clinics: Medical Advanced Pain Specialists (MAPS) in Edina, Fridley, Maple Grove and Shakopee and the Minnesota Surgery Center (MSC) in Edina and Maple Grove.

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