Fungal Meningitis in Minnesota: Risk for Medical Advanced Pain Specialists (MAPS) and Minnesota Surgery Center Patients

The CDC has confirmed the tenth Minnesota fungal meningitis case in a national outbreak linked to epidural steroid injection medication contaminated with fungus. The implicated medication is 3 lots of meythylprednisolone acetate (MPA) compounded by New England Compounding Center (NECC), a compounding pharmacy in MA, which is under investigation. The FDA has found evidence that NECC processed and sold “compounded” drugs in bulk, which is a violation of state and federal law.

The only Minnesota clinics that received the implicated drugs are Medical Advanced Pain Specialists (MAPS) in Edina, Fridley, Shakopee and Maple Grove, and the Minnesota Surgery Center (MSC) in Edina and Maple Grove. One legal issue involved in this outbreak is whether these and other clinics can be sued for medical malpractice because they purchased and used the NECC medication.

Minnesota attorney Fred Pritzker and his Bad Bug Law Team are representing over 40 people harmed by NECC epidural steroid injections used for back pain by MAPS and MSC. They are gathering evidence to file medical malpractice lawsuits. This is important because it is highly likely that NECC will file for bankruptcy.

One of Fred’s clients is featured in an article in The Guardian, “Meningitis victim tells of pain, panic and anger over contaminated injection“.

The tenth Minnesota fungal meningitis case is a Twin Cities area woman in her 60s. The woman received a spinal injection from one of the 3 tainted batches of MPA at Medical Advanced Pain Specialists. She is one of 985 MAPS and Minnesota Surgery Center patients that received the NECC injections.  Fred is representing people diagnosed with meningitis and NECC injection patients who had a spinal tap to test for meningitis and are not infected.  Spinal taps are extremely painful. Some of our clients had to take several sick days to have the spinal tap done and then to recover from it.

You can contact Fred for a FREE consultation here. Our attorneys are in constant contact with our clients who were given epidural injections of NECC MPA. We can help you.

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