Epidural Meningitis Lawsuit against New England Compounding Center

Pritzker Hageman attorneys are investigating epidural meningitis cases in patients who had epidural shots for back pain containing steroids compounded by New England Compounding Center (NECC), a compounding pharmacy located in Framingham, MA. To date, 105 patients in 9 states have contracted meningitis associated with NECC steroids. Many of the meningitis patients also had strokes.  To date, the CDC has confirmed 8 deaths associated with this outbreak.

Our attorneys have been contacted by many epidural steroid injection patients, and we expect this epidural meningitis outbreak to continue to grow for several weeks. Contact us for a free consultation here regarding an epidural meningitis lawsuit against New England Compounding Center.

The evidence against New England Compounding Center is growing as the investigation progresses. All epidural meningitis patients that are part of this outbreak received injection with preservative-free methylprednisolone acetate (80mg/ml) made (compounded) by NECC, according to the CDC. This is epidemiological evidence that can be used to link the fungal meningitis illnesses to the NECC product.

In addition, FDA found fungal contamination by direct microscopic examination from an unopened vial of methylprednisolone acetate collected from NECC.  To date, two kinds of fungus, Aspergillus and Exserohilum have been found in cultures of the cerebrospinal fluid of outbreak victims. Most of the illnesses have been caused by Exserohilum. Additional contaminants may also be found as testing of patients continues.

Fred is calling on New England Compounding Center to make an immediate disclosure about key safety practices:

  1. What practices and procedures were employed by New England Compounding Center to prevent fungal contamination?
  2. What testing did New England Compounding Center perform on the implicated preservative-free methylpredinsolone acetate to determine its safety and what were the results of such testing?
  3. Did NECC have a quality assurance program in place to prevent and detect contamination?
  4. Did the company hire any outside auditors to examine its safety procedures and, if so, what were the results of the audits?
  5. Did NECC follow the recommended safety practices of any trade group, regulatory agency or standards organization?
  6. How did NECC clean and disinfect the equipment and surfaces used to produce, package and store its methylpredinsolone acetate?
  7. What has New England Compounding Center done to investigate the source of this fungal contamination and what has it found so far?”

If you had an epidural for back pain using NECC steroids, you may have claims against the company to recover the following: medical expenses; lost income; compensation for pain, emotional suffering, disability; and other money damages.


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