Epidural Abscess Linked to NECC Steroid Injection

Attorney Fred Pritzker is representing over 40 patients in lawsuits against New England Compounding Center (NECC), the compounding pharmacy whose methylprednisolone acetate (MPA) injections caused an outbreak of fungal meningitis in 19 states, and now a related outbreak of fungal epidural abscess of the spine.

In Michigan, over 40 cases of spinal epidural abscess have been linked to NECC MPA injections.

“NECC and a related company, Ameridose, have closed, and we anticipate both will file for bankruptcy in the near future,” said Fred. “Our independent investigation of NECC has found additional companies victims of the outbreak can sue to get fair compensation for their injuries.”

You can contact Fred for a free consultation here and talk to him or another attorney on his Bad Bug Law Team about a product liability lawsuit against NECC and others.

In the last several days, some states, primarily Michigan, have been reporting cases of spinal epidural abscess caused by a fungal infection (Exserohilum rostratum) in the area between the bones of the spine and the membranes covering the spinal cord (meninges).  These epidural abscesses are located in the area of the spine where the NECC epidural steroid shot was injected to treat back pain. Untreated, epidural abscess can lead to fungal meningitis and death. Doctors are having a difficult time treating the epidural abscess cases in this NECC fungal infection outbreak because the antifungal medicines used to treat the NECC fungal meningitis are not working to either prevent or treat the epidural abscesses. This leaves surgery as a primary treatment. Dr. Carol A. Kauffman told reporters that surgery will not remove fungal strands and abnormal tissue wrapped around nerves. Most of the epidural abscess patients in Michigan are being treated at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, which has taken a leading roll in treatment of Michigan patients sickened in the NECC fungal meningitis outbreak. You can contact Fred for a free consultation here regarding a suit to get compensation for epidural abscess and/or meningitis.

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