Bumbo Baby Seat Recall Due to Risk of Skull Fracture: Attorneys for Lawsuit

Our product liability attorneys recently won over $4 million for clients injured by another defective product. Now they are available to represent you and your baby in lawsuits against Bumbo International Trust and others for skull fracture injuries caused by the Bumbo Baby Seat. After over 20 reports of skull fracture from this product, Bumbo recalled about 4 million Bumbo Baby Seats sold in the United States. This is not the first recall of Bumbo Baby Seats. In October 2007, 1 million Bumbo seats were voluntarily recalled to provide additional warnings against use on raised surfaces.

The problem with the baby seats appears to be a design flaw. Babies can maneuver out of or fall from the Bumbo seat. When this happens from a raised surface, serious injuries can result, including skull fracture.

CPSC and Bumbo International know of at least 50 incidents after the October 2007 voluntary recall in which babies fell from a Bumbo seat while it was being used on a raised surface. Nineteen of those incidents included reports of skull fractures. CPSC and Bumbo International are aware of an additional 34 post-recall reports of infants who fell out or maneuvered out of a Bumbo seat used on the floor or at an unknown elevation, resulting in injury. Two of these incidents involved reports of skull fractures, while others reported bumps, bruises and other minor injuries.

Bumbo Baby Seat Recall Product Description

The bottom of the Bumbo seat is round and flat with a diameter of about 15 inches. It is constructed of a single piece of molded foam and comes in various colors. The seat has leg holes and the seat back wraps completely around the child. On the front of the seat in raised lettering is the word “Bumbo” with the image of an elephant on top. The bottom of the seat has the following words: “Manufactured by Bumbo South Africa Material: Polyurethane World Patent No. PCT: ZA/1999/00030.” The back of the seat has several warnings, and seats manufactured since 2008 have an additional label on the front of the seat warning against use on raised surfaces.

The recalled Bumbo Baby Seats were sold by Sears, Target, Toys R Us (including Babies R Us), USA Babies, Walmart, and various other toy and children’s stores nationwide, and various online sellers, from August 2003 through August 2012 for between $30 and $50.

Our attorneys represent children and their parents nationwide in lawsuits against baby product manufacturers. We can help you and your child get compensation.

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