Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Injuries

The Pritzker Hageman accident lawyers help victims get justice and compensation for motorcycle and dirt bike injuries. Our legal team has won hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients in some of the largest recoveries in U.S. history.

Recoveries Won for Dirt Bike and Motorcycle Injuries

$3 Million Dirt Bike Accident Lawsuit

Our team of accident lawyers won a $3 million recovery for a client whose leg was crushed after his dirt bike malfunctioned during a race.

Right after the crash, our client was notified that his bike was recalled because of the exact malfunction that caused his accident. Pritzker Hageman represented him in a dirt bike lawsuit against the manufacturer of the bike.

Manufacturers are legally obligated to sell safe products. Under strict product liability laws, manufacturers are responsible for all harm caused by their products.

$6 Million Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Our accident lawyers also won a $6 million recovery for a client whose leg had to be amputated in a crash caused by a drunk driver. The devastating crash happened when the drunk driver rear-ended our client’s motorcycle after leaving a bar. Our legal team sued both the drunk driver and the bar in an accident lawsuit.

A bar can be sued for an accident caused by a drunk driver if it illegally served liquor to the driver prior to the accident. This is called dram shop liability.

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Motorcycle Accident Investigation

When you hire our lawyers, they immediately begin an independent investigation of the motorcycle accident, which includes visiting the scene of the accident, inspecting vehicles involved in the crash, and interviewing eyewitnesses. Corporate executives are also interviewed to look for corporate wrongdoing and issues with a commercial driver.

If you hire our law firm for your motorcycle accident case, you will not have to pay any upfront fees because we are not paid until we win your case. This is important in complex cases that are expensive to litigate.

Motorcycle and Dirt Bike Accident Stats

Each year hundreds of children and adults die and thousands are injured in accidents involving a motorcycle, dirt bike, trail bike, moped, motor scooter, or minibike.

According to a CDC study:

  • A majority of the injured children are male.
  • A majority of the injuries involved a dirt bike/trail bike.

The six non-fatal injuries most often sustained by children riding a motorcycle, dirt bike, trail bike, moped, motor-scooter, or minibike from 2001-2004 were as follows:

  • Fracture 7,282 (30.6%)
  • Contusion/Abrasion 5,565 (23.4%)
  • Laceration 3,893 (16.4)
  • Strain/Sprain 2,866 (12.0)
  • Internal injury/Concussion 2,016 (8.5)
  • Burn 562 (2.4)