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You can sue Marriott Hotel for Legionnaires’ disease pneumonia if your illness can be linked to one of the company’s buildings. Our lawyers have experience with these kinds of cases. Our law firm has a national practice. You can call 1-888-377-8900 to talk with a lawyer for free about your personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit settlement against the hotel.

Below is information about a past outbreak linked to a Marriott. We can help you with a current case against this national chain.

Legionnaires’ Disease Pneumonia Associated with Marriott SpringHill Suites Hotel

The Marriott SpringHill Suites Hotel in Altamonte Springs, Florida, was investigated as the possible source of a Legionnaires’ disease (LD) outbreak. According to news reports, the Florida Department of Health began the investigation after the CDC notified the department of the illnesses connected to the hotel. As of July 10, 2015, there are 3 laboratory-confirmed cases. The outbreak happened in March and April of 2015, and the hotel is now safe for guests, according to FDH.

“These 3 cases of Legionella pneumonia should never have happened,” said Eric Hageman, an attorney who recently won $3 million for a client. “Hotels are well aware of the dangers of Legionella contamination and should take every measure to prevent illness and death.”

If you stayed at, or even just briefly visited, the Marriott SpringHill Suites Hotel in Altamonte Springs between March 25 and April 24, 2015, you should contact our law firm if you or a family member was diagnosed with LD pneumonia within 2 weeks after being there. This illness is a severe form of pneumonia caused by Legionella bacteria. It is contracted by breathing in water mist tainted with this pathogen.

This outbreak was not made public until July of 2015. We feel it should have been made public as soon as possible because it is important that all potential cases are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, to shorten the recovery period and help prevent serious complications.

Our Legionnaires’ disease lawyers successfully represent victims nationwide in lawsuits against hotels.

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