Client Testimonials: My Wife Died of Legionella Pneumonia

Wife’s Death Caused by Legionnaires’ Disease Pneumonia

When my wife of forty years died suddenly from Legionella bacteria early in 2012, I found myself in great need of a wrongful death attorney. I wanted the best attorney I could get so I inquired about the top 100 wrongful death attorneys in the country, contacted several, and Fred Pritzker responded immediately. He flew out to Washington State, where I live, to meet me and my friends and family and get the ball rolling. There was a whirlwind of action right away, and Fred held my hand the entire trip.

I learned that Fred has put together a team of professionals from all fields of endeavor to assist him in successfully representing his clients, from hydro engineers to Legionella disease specialists. His personal knowledge, gathered from years of experience, is awesome and extremely useful.

Not only did Fred Pritzker and crew get a reasonable settlement for my claim within six months, he also became a close friend of mine and is still in touch with me today. He cares about his clients’ wellbeing as if he was part of my family.

Fred Pritzker and the attorneys at Pritzker Hageman have my highest praise, and you should retain them for your claim. You will cherish what they can do for you.


Personal Injury from Legionnaires’ Disease

Upon surviving an outbreak of Legionaires’ Disease, where unfortunately others did not, I was immediately just happy to be alive once I was released from the hospital.  It was not until I was home and recovering that I realized what a strain my ordeal had on my family and those around me.  My wife had suggested that I call Fred Pritzker whose name she had come across when researching the effects of Legionaires’ Disease, and just talk to him…if not for my sake, then for those who lost their lives as a result of this outbreak.

Fred and his legal staff took the time to help me through this difficult time, explaining to me the severity of my illness, and how the legal system could help me and others receive justice and compensation for our losses.  While initially uncomfortable, Fred and his legal staff provided the emotional counsel I needed to pursue the justice I, and my family, rightly deserved.  Pritzker Hageman attorneys took care of every detail, were available for every call, and made the process as easy as possible.  While only my legal counsel, I always felt that Fred and his team were concerned about me, my health, and my family.

Thank you Fred!


Legionella Pneumophila in Lung Tissue
Legionella Pnemophila in Human Lung Tissue