Fire Investigation Lawyer

When our law firm is retained in a fire case, our lawyers immediately investigate.  We believe that when a fire causes serious injury or death, the victims, their families, and the community deserve to have the fire investigated thoroughly, quickly, and completely, and to have the findings analyzed accurately.

Our lawyers represent burn victims and their families. The Pritzker Hageman burn injury legal team created by attorneys Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman have obtained substantial burn injury settlements for our clients, including a $40 million settlement for a client who suffered second and third-degree burns on over 50 percent of his body.

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Fire and Explosion
Over 3000 people die each year from burns and smoke inhalation.

Our investigation process depends on how soon we are hired.  If we are hired soon enough, we will be able to investigate the scene before all of the evidence is removed. We are also able to take steps to protect evidence for use in settlement negotiations and, if necessary, a lawsuit.

When we get to the scene, we look at all of the possible sources of the fire, including heating elements, electrical components, and mechanical sources. Our lawyers and forensic experts look for char patterns to determine the source of the blaze. The analysis of the debris taken from the scene is another important part of the investigation.

Part of the process is determining the following:

  • Were there smoke detectors and were they working?
  • Was a defective appliance involved?
  • Were there too many electrical cords charging through one socket?
  • Were flammable materials stored in a negligent way?
  • Were smoking materials discarded?
  • Was the fire intentionally set?
Fire Smoke

We interview fire fighters, medical personnel, injured people, bystanders, the property owner, and others. We also analyze any reports from the coroner’s office. Our goal is to obtain the best possible burn compensation and wrongful death compensation recoveries for our clients.

Pritzker Hageman law firm has recovered millions for burn and smoke inhalation victims and the families of people wrongfully killed. Our attorneys have been interviewed and quoted by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Lawyers USA and others. Attorneys at Pritzker Hageman have been listed among the The Best Lawyers in America.