Can I Sue Caito Foods for Salmonella Food Poisoning?

If there is sufficient evidence that links your Salmonella infection to a Caito Foods product, then yes, you can sue. Filing a lawsuit allows you to seek compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and other damages. Our Salmonella lawyers have won millions against food companies across the country. Recently, they won $6.5 million in a landmark Salmonella lawsuit for a 5-year-old boy with brain damage.

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In order to prove your case, you need evidence of the following:

  • Positive stool test confirming your Salmonella diagnosis
  • Proof that you ate the contaminated food
  • Proof that your illness caused you quantifiable harm

Our lawyers are disease detectives with extensive knowledge of the law and food science. This enables them to find links between illnesses and a responsible party that others cannot. We have represented people in nearly every major foodborne outbreak in the U.S.

Salmonella Outbreaks Linked to Caito Foods

2019 Pre-cut Melon Outbreak

For the second time within one year, another Salmonella outbreak has been linked to pre-cut melon produced by Caito Foods. 117 people from 10 states reported infections of Salmonella Carrau. On April 12th, Caito Foods recalled pre-cut cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, and fruit medley products. Retailers who sold the products include Target, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, and Whole Foods.

2018 Pre-cut Melon Outbreak

In June of 2018, health officials identified pre-cut melon produced by Caito Foods as the source of a Salmonella Adelaide outbreak that sickened 77 people from 9 states. Pritzker Hageman filed the first lawsuit against Caito Foods on behalf of an Ohio woman. Our client developed a pervasive Salmonella infection from pre-cut melon she purchased at a Walmart store.

melon salmonella outbreak