Del Raccolto Olives

Below is the FDA announcement regarding the 2007 Dal Raccolto olives recall due to possible contamination with Clostridium botulinum, which can cause botulism.

Bacteria in Petri Dish

March 6, 2007 — Cibo Specialty Foods, a division of Colavita USA, L.L.C. of Linden, N.J., recalled the following olive products sold under the “DAL RACCOLTO” brand:

  • “Italian Colossal” Lot G062;
  • “Natural Cerignola” Lot G062;
  • “Black Cerignola ” Lots G009 & G066;
  • “Red Cerignola” Lot G046;
  • “Green Cerignola” Lot G062;
  • “Baresana” Lot G198;
  • “Nocellara” Lots G216 & G217;
  • “Calabrese” Lot G198.

You should not eat these products. Testing has revealed that specific products had pH and water activity that exceed the levels necessary to control Clostridium botulinum growth.

The items are packed in 4.18 lb., 2.5 kg, and 11 lb. -size containers, and are sold primarily to the food service trade (e.g. restaurants, restaurant distributors and other foodservice institutions). Any establishments or individual consumers that may have purchased any of these products should discard them immediately even though the product may appear to be normal. You cannot tell if the product harbors toxins by sight, taste, or smell.

There were no reported cases of illness from these products.

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