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Botulism TestingOur  law firm represents botulism victims nationwide. There have been a number of recalls of baby food due to possible contamination. These recalls are usually issued when the baby food is not processed properly or sealed properly, allowing for contamination of the baby food with Clostridium botulinum, the bacteria that can cause botulism.

Use caution when disposing of baby food that has been recalled. Microscopic amounts of the toxin created by Clostridium botulinum bacteria can cause serious illness or death.

If your baby is lethargic, is not eating well, has poor head control, or is gagging, you should contact your pediatrician.

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HAPPYTOT Baby Food Recall

January 13, 2010 – Nurture, Inc., issued a HAPPYTOT baby food recall involving selected varieties and date codes of HAPPYTOT Stage 4 and HAPPYBABY Stage 1 and Stage 2 pouch meals with date codes expiring between November 2010 and January 2011. These products are being recalled due to a packaging defect that potentially could cause the pouches to swell or leak. Swollen or leaking pouches could indicate that the products may contain bacteria that could potentially cause illness.

Plum Organics Baby Food Recall

October 20, 2009 – Plum Organics has recalled one batch of its 4.22 oz. Apple & Carrot Portable Pouch baby food due to the risk of contamination with Clostridium botulinum.

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food

February 16, 2007 – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers not to use certain jars of Earth’s Best Organic 2 Apple Peach Barley Wholesome Breakfast baby food because of the risk of contamination with Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium which can cause life-threatening illness or death. Consumers are warned not to use the product even if it does not look or smell spoiled.

The affected product was sold in single individual jars and in variety packs (which contains 4 jars of the apple peach barley in the pack along with other varieties). The food is part of the firm’s “2nd Vegetables, Fruits and Blends” line intended for babies 6 months and older. The food was distributed through retail stores and sold through the Earth’s Best website. If consumers have any of the specified jars in their home, they should not use it and should discard it in a sealed package immediately. No illnesses have been reported to FDA or the manufacturer to date in connection with this problem.

The affected baby food is as follows:

  • Earth’s Best Organic 2 Apple Peach Barley Wholesome Breakfast (4.5 ounce jars)
    • UPC Code – 23923-20223
    • Lid – PFGJ14NP
    • Expiration Date – EXP 14 SEP 08 A
  • Earth’s Best Organic 2 Wholesome Breakfast Variety Pack (12 pack)
    • UPC Code – 23923-20295
    • Expiration Date – 13 SEP 08
  • Earth’s Best Organic 2 Apple Peach Barley (4.5 ounce jars within 12 pack)
    • UPC Code -23923-20223
    • Lid – PF6J14 NP
    • Expiration Date – EXP 14 SEP 08 A

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