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TerraTrike Recalls Adult Tricycles

TerraTrike, a Michigan company, issued a recall on September 27, 2018, of about 600 TerraTrike adult, pedal powered, orange, green or yellow tricycles. Recalled TerraTrike models include the following: TerraTrike Rambler x16 (orange), Rambler All Terrain (green) and Rambler E.V.O. (yellow). The model names can be found on the outrigger tubes, which come out of the main tube and connect to the front wheels. The recall was issued because the right hand wheel hubmount can possibly bend or break, which may allow the user to lose control of the trike. More information can be found on the CPSC website.

Hill Topper Electric Bike Kit Recall

Clean Republic issued a recall on August 2, 2018, of Hill Topper Electric Bike Kits with motor controller circuit boards. These kits are used to convert regular bicycles to electric bicycles. The recalled motor controller circuit boards, 24V/250W and 36V/350W, were sold separately as well as part of the kits. The model numbers KT24WSH-BF08 and KT36WSH-BFZ13504. These model numbers can be found on the front of the motor control units. The recall was issued because water can enter the motor controller and, if this happens, it may cause the motor controller to accelerate on its own.

Felt Cyclocross Bicycle Recall

Felt Bicycles recalled about 150 Cyclocross products because the frame can break, causing the rider to lose control, fall, and suffer injuries. All 2015 F65X and F85X models are involved. The 2015 F65X bicycle has a satin black aluminum frame with “Felt” printed in white letters and a diagonal wide white stripe next to a thin white stripe on the frame. The 2015 F85X bicycle has a dark red berry colored aluminum frame with diagonal stripes in black, mint green, and yellow on the frame. The Felt logo is printed on the bike frame.

Aerobars Bike Handlebar Recall

Specialized Bicycle Components has issued a recall of about 8,300 Aerobars Handlebars because the bolt used to affix the aerobars can loosen, posing a fall hazard to the rider. All carbon and alloy products with models years 2012 through 2015 on Specialized Shiv and model year on Specialized Transition Apex are affected. The carbon Aerobar was sold in black with a white Specialized logo on the top side of the handlebar, and the alloy model was sold in black with no markings.

Vanish Evo Helmets Recall

Scott USA has recalled about 1450 2015 Vanish Evo helmets. The product does not comply with the impact requirements of the CPSC safety standards for bicycle helmets. The brand name “SCOTT” is printed on the outer shell of the helmet on the left side. The following serial number ranges are included: 2014-06/009359 through 2014-09/027210.

Marin MBX 50 and Tiny Trail

Marin Mountain Bikes issued a recall of about 400 2014 MBX 50 and Tiny Trail products because the handlebars can loosen or separate during use, posing the risk of serious injury. These are children’s products with serial numbers HA14980XXXXXX and HA14982XXXXXX.

Our law firm has been instrumental in getting defective products recalled. We have won millions for accident victims and their families, including a $3,750,000 settlement for a man whose leg was amputated after an accident with a defective motor bike.

If injuries are caused by a defective bicycle part (face plate, handlebars, wheel mechanisms, brakes), the victim and his or her family can file a product liability lawsuit. A part is defective if it is not reasonably safe for its intended use. An intended use of a product includes all those uses a reasonably prudent person might make of the product, bearing in mind its characteristics, warnings, and labels.

Companies sued in bicycle recall product liability cases may include the manufacturer of the defective part, the manufacturer of the bike, the wholesaler, a distributor, and, in some cases, the retailer.

There are three top kinds of liability cases:

  • A design defect (the product was manufactured as intended but it was inherently unsafe),
  • A manufacturing defect (the design of the product was adequate but this particular product was not made correctly), and
  • A failure to warn or instruct (the instructions for and warnings about use of the product were inadequate).

In practical terms this means the manufacturers have a duty to do their best to “design out” dangers inherent in the bicycle and all parts used to build it. If a defect cannot be designed out, the manufacturer has to guard against such hazards. If the danger cannot be designed out or guarded against, the manufacturer must warn and instruct users of dangers inherent in the product.

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