Sex Abuse

Our lawyers represent sexual abuse victims in civil claims against their abusers.  We are keenly aware of the intensely sensitive nature these cases and will work with you every step of the way toward the milestones of healing and closure.

If you’ve been a victim, you need closure to complete your healing.  Many victims find the legal process aids that closure in surprising ways, not the least of which is simply the public acknowledgement:  Your abuse happened.

Our attorneys consistently obtain some of the largest verdicts and settlements, including many in excess of $1 million. Although money cannot undo the harm, it is part of the acknowledgment of the pain and can be part of the healing process.

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A sexual abuser embodies the most outrageous abuse of power and violation of trust imaginable.  Operating from established bonds of trust, faith, loyalty, friendship and even love, they take advantage of those bonds, using them as levers to twist and manipulate a relationship in an inappropriate sexual direction.

They arise out of all walks of life.  Priests, school teachers, coaches, friends, medical care providers, therapists, psychologists. . .  the troubling list goes on and on.  Unfortunately, it seems that wherever there are helping professions and trusting relationships, there exist the conditions for this type of harm.

Abuse knows no social or economic boundaries.  Every day we hear of victims coming forward with horror stories representing all ethnic backgrounds, all economic realms, and all ages.

Statute of Limitations: How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

Like many traumatic memories, recollections of sexual abuse often come long after the events have passed.  Adults sometimes bring claims for the harm they suffered as children.  Psychological facts such as dissociative amnesia, repressed memory, post-traumatic stress disorder, or depression all contribute to delays in remembering this kind of violent act.

Because of this delay, it is critically important to know that, in many states, the statute of limitations begins to run when the abuse is recalled.  Our attorneys sort through these often complex legal and psychological issues, freeing victims to focus on the job of healing.

Criminal Charges and Civil Lawsuits

Perpetrators often face criminal charges in addition to civil law suits.  Our attorneys often work in tandem with criminal prosecutors in as concerted an effort as possible to bring about remunerative and punitive justice for victims.

Claims against Institutions

Additionally, a claim can be made against a church, school, or hospital that negligently hired or failed to properly supervise an employee.  By pursuing a claim against the institutions that fostered the abuse, you do a tremendous service to all those who have future dealings with that institution.

A Helping Hand

If you are dealing with sex abuse, you are not emotionally capable of dealing with legal issues. It is imperative that you seek a qualified attorney to help you understand your rights and remedies and to speak to others on your behalf. We are here to listen and give you a helping hand.

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