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Accident News: A trailblazer was stopped at the light on the Can-of-Worm’s on southbound Highway 53 in Duluth when it was rear ended by a school bus. The driver of the trailblazer, Gilbert Dwight Bascom, was injured. The accident happened on July 1, 2017.

Our lawyers help injured people and families sue bus companies after accidents caused by their drivers.

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Three of the cases we have settled are below.

A group of school children rode on a tour bus to an event. On the way home, the bus driver, who had not had enough sleep, fell asleep at the wheel. One student died and dozens were injured.

A city bus driver turned around to talk to a passenger and ran over a person who was crossing the road. That person had the right-of-way and was in the crosswalk.

A little boy stepped off of a school bus, which started moving before he had moved away from the bus. He slipped on ice, fell under the bus and was run over. Tragically, he died from his injuries.

The cases above are examples of negligent drivers causing serious injury and wrongful death.

How much can I get if my case is settled?

Not all cases are settled, but most are, sometimes right before trial. The amount of any accident settlement is determined by a number of factors, including the following:

  • Whether you were a passenger, a pedestrian or the driver of another vehicle (car, motorcycle, van, semi truck, bicycle).
  • How much insurance the company has for bodily injury and wrongful death claims.
  • How many parties can be sued (see above) and how much insurance each has.
  • How seriously you were injured.
  • Facts about you and your life, including how old you are, what employment you have, your hobbies, your family, etc.

Specifically, you may sue for medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement and emotional distress. In the case of a wrongful death claim, you may sue for funeral expenses, loss of care and companionship and other damages.

Many bus crashes involve explosions and fires. Passengers can be severely burned. Attorney Eric Hageman recently recovered $10 million for a man who was had second and third-degree burns on over 50% of his body.

Greyhound Bus Crash Lawsuit

You may have a lawsuit against Greyhound if you were a passenger on a company bus and you were injured in an accident that was, at least in part, the fault of the bus driver and/or the company.  A major safety concern is driver fatigue.

Greyhound Lines, Inc. is the largest intercity bus company in the United Sates, for which it is best known. Greyhound also provides charter service to schools and other groups. Additional operating entities include the following: Greyhound Express, Greyhound Connect and BoltBus. The company is owned by FirstGroup PLC.

MegaBus Accident Lawsuit

Recent MegaBus crashes have involved explosions and a fire, crashing into a concrete pillar, and a tire blowing out.

Megabus provides city-to-city transportation for as low as $1. Its parent company is Coach USA North America.

Violation of Federal or State Law

These cases are often caused by driver negligence, including using a cell phone while driving, being too tired to drive safely, not paying attention to the road or other vehicles on the road, driving while intoxicated, or just simply driving poorly.

In addition to negligence, a driver may have violated federal or state laws:

  • Hours of Driving. Federal laws limit charter bus drivers from driving more than 10 hours at a time. The laws, which have been adopted by most states, require drivers to take eight hours off in a work cycle where they drive 10 hours.
  • DUI or DWI. Federal and state laws address the issue of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Speeding. In every state there are laws regarding the speed limit. States often require commercial vehicles to drive at slower speeds.
  • Turning and Passing. All states have turning and passing laws. Some states have special laws for commercial vehicles.
  • Right of Way. All states have right-of-way laws, and the violation of these laws is one of the primary causes of commercial vehicle crashes.
  • Failure to Pay Attention. Commercial vehicle drivers are held to a higher standard both in case law and statutory law. Some states have specific laws requiring use of extra caution so that they and pay more attention to what is happening around them. Also, pedestrians, people in wheel chairs and others are given extra protection in some states, which require all drivers to pay special attention to them.

This is important: if a driver violates this or any other state or federal law, that driver will most likely be found negligent, and the driver, his or her employer, and the owner of the bus will be legally responsible to compensate injury victims and their families. Usually, the insurance companies pay settlement and verdict amounts.

Who can be sued for a crash injury or death?

To determine who can be sued (and it is often more than one party), your attorney will need to consider the specific facts of your case. Possible parties you may be able to sue include the following:

  • Bus driver: Our attorneys look at whether the driver was tired, distracted, poorly trained or on drugs. We also obtain information regarding the driver’s past crashes and traffic violations.
  • The owner: This could be an individual, a tour or charter bus company, a school district, a metro transit company, a church or another organization.
  • Maintenance company: This could be the owner or another company, including a company that specializes in this kind of maintenance.
  • A manufacturer: If your accident involved a defective part, you many have claims against the manufacturer or a maintenance company. We inspect the vehicle with our forensic engineers and mechanics to determine if there was a defective part, like the brakes or steering mechanism. These cases usually involve product liability claims.
  • A construction company, county or municipality: Depending on the facts, a highway construction and maintenance company, county or municipality may be liable for accidents that happen in a construction zone or due to a road hazard. These cases can involve complex laws of liability.
  • The driver and owner of another vehicle: If another vehicle was also at fault for your accident, you will have claims against the driver, the owner of that vehicle. In cases involving semi trucks, the semi driver, trucking company and owner of the freight are some of the parties that may be sued.

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