Legionella at Kettering City Schools’ Roush Stadium Fieldhouse

Thirty-six Kettering Fairmont High School student-athletes who are sick with an unknown illness are being tested for Legionnaires’ disease after Legionella, the bacteria that causes the disease, was found in the water at Roush Stadium fieldhouse. The building, located on Shroyer Rd. in Kettering, OH, has been closed until further notice.

Previous Legionnaires’ Disease illness, Fatality

This is not the first time the school’s water system has tested positive for the deadly bacteria. In 2020, a custodian developed Legionnaire’s disease. And in 2019 another custodian, Keith “Casey” Chaffin, died from Legionella pneumonia, multi-system organ failure, and acute systolic heart failure, three weeks after his last shift at the high school.

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What is Legionnaires’ Disease?

People get Legionnaires’ disease when they inhale water droplets contaminated with Legionella. It is not transmitted from person to person. Symptoms, which usually develop within two to 14 days of exposure, include cough, headache, fever, and muscle aches.

Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks frequently are linked to contaminated water in fountains, hot tubs, and the plumbing systems of commercial buildings. Because water management plans can prevent the overgrowth of Legionella, they are considered an industry standard for large buildings and healthcare settings, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

What is Kettering Fairmont Doing?

A school district spokesperson has told local media that the water is tested annually, usually in June or July, and treated when necessary. The district is working with a certified environmental group to address the problem, according to Dayton247.

Initial water tests were positive for Legionella, but further testing is underway to determine the specific species. Results from those tests should be available within 10 days.

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Kettering Fairmont Legionnaires' disease

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