Hepatitis A Recall for Kirkland Frozen Strawberries Sold at Costco

Kirkland brand frozen strawberries have been recalled in connection with a hepatitis A outbreak. Two of Costco’s strawberry suppliers have issued recalls. Consumers who have purchased frozen strawberries from Costco should check recall information carefully.


California Splendor Hepatitis A Recall of Kirkland Strawberries

On March 16, California Splendor Inc. of San Diego California issued a hepatitis A recall for certain lots of 4-lb. bags of Kirkland Signature Frozen Organic Strawberries. These berries were sold at Costco stores in Los Angeles, Hawaii, and two San Diego business centers.

The lot numbers included in this hepatitis A recall for Kirkland frozen strawberries are:

  • 140962-08
  • 142162-20
  • 142212-22
  • 142222-23
  • 142202-21
  • 142232-24
  • 142792-54
  • 142782-53
  • 142842-55
  • 142862-57
  • 142852-56
  • 142902-58

Scenic Fruit Hepatitis A Recall of Kirkland Strawberries

On March 17, Scenic Fruit Company of Gresham, Oregon issued a recall for frozen organic strawberries sold to Costco and other stores. The recalled 4-lb bags of Kirkland brand organic strawberries were sold at Costco stores in Alaska, Idaho, Montana,
Oregon, Utah, and Washington. They have the following product identifiers:

  • UPC: 96619140404
  • Best by date: 10/8/24

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