Suspected Rochdale Village Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak

Pritzker Hageman Legionnaires’ Disease Lawyers Suspect Legionnaires’ Outbreak in Rochdale Village Buildings

Rochdale Village Legionnaires' Update FlyerLawyers on our Legionnaires’ disease legal team are investigating a suspected 2021 outbreak at the Rochdale Village Cooperative in Queens, NY. We believe at least five people may have been sickened, possibly as many as ten, and at least one death may have occurred after exposure to Legionella bacteria in this outbreak. Mist from air conditioning cooling towers is often a source of Legionella contaminated water. However, in this case our attorneys are also looking closely at possible drinking and shower water contamination in the Rochdale Village buildings. Water contaminated with Legionella bacteria that enters the air as very small droplets (called aerosolized droplets) from running sinks or showers has been linked to many past Legionnaire’s disease outbreaks.  Water in sinks and showers should never be contaminated and there is both a moral and legal requirement that water systems be safe. Legionella contamination to a degree that leads to illness or death is not permissible.

Rochdale maintenance staff have indicated that they are installing systems to help remove Legionella contamination from the water systems. While this is a welcome move after the fact, if contaminated building water did cause people to become seriously sickened or even lose their lives from Legionnaires’ disease, it may have been prevented by much earlier testing, detection and action. Our attorneys are investigating to help uncover what has actually happened to residents at Rochdale Village.

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Legionella Bacteria in Water Can Cause Dangerous, Often Deadly, Legionnaire’s Disease

Legionnaires’ disease is caused by the Legionella bacteria. Legionella bacteria can be found in contaminated water and contaminated soil. A Legionella infection in the lungs (legionellosis) causes Legionnaires’ disease pneumonia, which can (and often does) lead to serious, often fatal, complications, including:

  • Legionella pneumonia infecting lung tissueRespiratory failure – The Legionella infection in the lungs prevents enough oxygen from getting into the bloodstream.
  • Septic shock – When Legionella bacteria enters the blood stream it can cause a very serious blood infection called sepsis, which can lead to septic shock. Septic shock is a severe, sudden drop in blood pressure that reduces blood flow to vital organs, especially the kidneys and brain.
  • Kidney failure – Legionella bacteria can lead to a breakdown of muscle fibers throughout the body (a process called “rhabdomyolysis”). The broken down muscle fibers (called “myoglobin”) can accumulate in the kidneys and lead to kidney failure.

Less dangerous cases of infection with Legionella bacteria are sometimes called “Pontiac Fever”. If you hear or read that as a diagnosis, you should be aware that it was also very likely caused by exposure to contaminated water.

Legionnaires’ Disease Lawsuits May be Filed in the Rochdale Village Cases

If you or a family member contracted Legionnaires’ disease or Pontiac Fever, please contact our attorneys for a 100% free consultation about pursuing a legal claim. You may be due money compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We are currently actively investigating cases at Rochdale Village. Our law firm is one of the few in the nation that represents Legionella pneumonia victims and their families. We represent people affected by Legionnaires’ disease in all 50 states in lawsuits against condominiums, apartments, co-ops, hotels, motels, resorts, cruise ships, hospitals and others.

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