A Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at the Sheraton Hotel in Atlanta has sickened three people. The hotel has temporarily closed while health officials test the plumbing for legionella, the bacteria that causes the severe form of pneumonia. Guests have been relocated to other hotels.

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The three people who were sickened stayed at the hotel within the last 30 days. Not all of the hotel’s recent guests were happy with the level of communication. Larry Cohen, who had stayed four nights at the hotel with his wife, told CBS46Atlanta that they learned of the three confirmed cases of illness from an employee of another hotel while they were dining out. Even more concerning, he said, is that they both have health issues putting them at higher risk for contracting the lung infection.

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Legionnaires’ disease lawyer  Eric Hageman said one of the most egregious aspects of a recent hotel lawsuit he filed was that the hotel knew there was a problem, but his clients didn’t. “They could not have known they were putting their lives at stake, simply by staying in a hotel room,” he said.

Legionella bacteria grow best in warm water especially in the complex water systems of large buildings or cruise ships. People get Legionnaires’ disease when they inhale water vapor that is contaminated with legionella. Water treatment plans can prevent outbreaks.

Legionnaires’ disease can be fatal. Symptoms, which include cough, shortness of breath, high fever, headaches and muscle aches, usually develop between two and 14 days of exposure.

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