East Texas State Fair Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak

A Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at the East Texas State Fair in Tyler includes at least seven confirmed and five probable cases. But state health officials say other illnesses associated with attending the fair, which took place September 20 – September 29, 2019, may not yet be reported. And they are urging anyone who attended the fair and later developed symptoms of pneumonia, such as high fever, headache, muscle aches, fatigue and shortness of breath, to see a doctor and mention possible exposure to Legionella, the bacteria that cause Legionnaires disease.

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This is the second time this fall that a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak has been linked to a state fair. An outbreak at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair held September 6-15 at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center sickened 141 people, four of whom have died.

Legionnaires’ disease attorneys at the national law firm Pritzker Hageman are representing a number of clients sickened at the North Carolina fair and filed the first lawsuit in association with that outbreak.

Legionella Bacteria
CDC enlarged, colorized image of Legionella bacteria.

Legionnaires’ disease, a severe form of pneumonia, is transmitted when water vapor contaminated with Legionella bacteria is inhaled. It is not spread through person-to-person contact. Although it is found in nature, Legionella grows best in warm water.

Officials believe a hot tub display was the source of the outbreak at the North Carolina Mountain State Fai. Investigators in Texas are still collecting and testing samples taken from inside the Harvey Convention Center and from around the fairgrounds .

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