A senior assisted living community, The Brielle at Seaview, has banned showers at its primary facility after a resident contracted Legionnaires’ Disease in November of 2016. Located on Staten Island, New York, this non-profit assisted living and memory care provider – unlike many senior living centers that experience Legionnaires’ Disease outbreaks – is a relatively new facility, constructed and opened in 2015.

Legionella Bacteria with Flagella

Legionnaires’ Disease, a severe form of pneumonia caused by inhaling or aspirating Legionella bacteria, is particularly dangerous when it occurs in a senior living facility. Spread either in potable water or in mist emanating from contaminated showers, faucets, hot tubs, ice machines, or water features, it poses a serious threat to the elderly.

Senior facility administrators at the Brielle have banned showers until the City of New York Health Department ascertains that the water systems have been cleared of Legionella bacteria. A certified water technology firm was engaged on December 22nd to initiate remediation procedures. In a statement released to the press, they explained:

“In coordination with the City of New York Health Department, The Brielle at Seaview on Staten Island has conducted extensive testing for Legionnaire’s bacteria. Approximately 38 sites in the community were tested and a small percentage showed low levels of the disease; the rest were disease-free.”

Residents are now limited either to sponge baths, to using body-cleansing wipes, or to be transported to an as-yet unopened recreational facility on The Brielle’s campus to shower.

FAQ: Can I Sue a Senior Care Center for Legionnaires’ Disease?

Fred Pritzker
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You may be able to sue a senior care center or a medical facility for Legionnaires’ Disease, also referred to as legionellosis, if the evidence supports your personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Our legal team at Pritzker Hageman has successfully worked to secure the rights of victims of deadly Legionnaires’ Disease outbreaks at senior residential facilities including the Veteran’s Residence in Quincy, Illinois – a 2015 outbreak that sickened 54 residents and employees, ultimately claiming 12 lives.

A Legionella pneumonia lawsuit against a senior living can involve complex medical and legal issues. We recommend you contact a Legionnaires’ disease lawyer to help you understand and protect your legal rights.

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