Can I Still Sue Stryker for a Reguvenate or ABG II Hip Replacement?

Stryker Hip Lawsuit Update: Patients who had a Stryker Orthopaedics Rejuvenate or ABG II modular-neck implant and underwent revision surgery after November 3, 2014, may still have the right to sue for compensation. Revision surgery removes the recalled hip replacement product and replaces it with another product.

It is very important that you contact our law firm as soon as possible. You can call 1-888-377-8900 (toll-free) for information. Attorneys Fred Pritzker and David Szerlag are our lead lawyers on our Stryker Litigation Team. They have already won millions for patients.

Please note that time is running out to file a lawsuit and get money for your pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost income.

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Contact attorney David Szerlag for a FREE consultation (click here) because time is running out to file a lawsuit, you need to contact David now for a free consultation (click here).

Compensation after Revision Surgery

Dozens of our clients had to have revision surgery to remove and replace the failed Rejuvenate or ABG II hip implants.

Compensation after revision surgery can include amounts for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, cost of care, disability and loss of quality of life. Dozens of our clients have already received compensation under a settlement agreement. The base amount was $300,000 per failed removed device.

Why are Patients Needing Revision Surgery?

In July of 2012 Stryker Orthopaedics voluntarily recalled its Rejuvenate and ABG II modular-neck stems due to the possibility of the modular-neck fretting and corroding (1). This “fretting and corroding” can cause cobalt and chromium to accumulate in the tissue surrounding the implant and cause:

  • necrosis (death of tissue that can lead to loosening of the hip replacement product);
  • swelling; and
  • pseudo-tumors (2).

If these metals get into the bloodstream and travel to other areas of the body, including the heart and brain. This poisoning of the body with cobalt and chromium, called metallosis, can be extremely painful, and treatment can require revision surgery, according to the FDA.

What are the Complications of Metallosis?

Stryker Hip Recall Lawsuit
Stryker Product Removed during Revision Surgery

Complications of metallosis in hip replacement patients can include the following:

  • pain in the groin, hip, leg;
  • swelling at or near hip joint;
  • the development of a limp or change in walking ability;
  • noise from hip joint;
  • device loosening or breakage;
  • skin rash;
  • cardiomyopathy, heart disease;
  • neurological changes, including brain damage;
  • auditory or visual impairment, including loss of vision and hearing;
  • psychological changes, including memory loss;
  • kidney disease and renal failure; and
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • pseudo-tumors.

Our law firm represented several patients whose cases have now been settled. Attorney David Szerlag had a leadership role in the consolidated litigation of hundreds of cases in multistate litigation (MDL). Although there has already been a settlement of over a billion dollars, you may still have time to file a lawsuit against Stryker for harm from its Rejuvenate or ABG II modular-neck, a hip replacement implant product.

Lawyer Free Consultation

Many of our cases involve hip replacements performed at the following locations:

  • St. Cloud Hospital (CentraCare Health System);
  • Immanuel-St. Joseph’s in Mandatory, MN (Mayo Clinic Health System);
  • Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI;
  • New England Baptist Hospital in the Boston, MA area; and
  • Newton-Wellesley in the Boston, MA area.

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