Resistance Trainer Recall Due to Risk of Severe Injury 2015

A recall of SKLZ Recoil 360™ All-Position Resistance Trainers has been issued because a weld on a ring on the resistance trainer’s belt can break during use. If this happens, the flexible cord could quickly and unexpectedly retract, hitting an exercise partner holding the other end.

To date, there have been 3 reports of the weld on the resistance trainer breaking and resulting in personal injury, including blunt trauma to a lower leg, a puncture wound and a laceration.

Was testing done to determine if someone could get injured while using this product? It seems impossible that even basic testing would reveal this defect in the design.

Recall Details

This recall involves the SKLZ Recoil 360™ All-Position Resistance Trainers, which is a leash-type device that provides resistance during exercise. It consists of a belt, an 8-foot flexible cord attachment leash, a safety handle and a storage bag. “SKLZ” followed by an arrow is printed on the belt.

To use the product, a belt connected to a flexible cord is worn. A safety handle is connected to the flexible cord. This safety handle is held by a coach or exercise partner to provide resistance while the user runs, jumps or shuffles. Alternatively, the safety handle can be connected to a sturdy stationary object like a fence or post.

Please note that belts with the arrow before the “SKLZ” are not included in this recall.

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Category: Product Liability
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