New Death in the Bronx’s Latest Legionnaires’ Outbreak

One person has died and at least 12 others are still ill due to the second outbreak of Legionnaires’ Disease to occur within the last two months in the Bronx New York. The first case of what is considered to be the second cluster is dated September 21, 2015. According to health department officials, the current cases have occurred in the Morris Park neighborhood, an area where outdated plumbing systems and cooling towers in large public buildings contribute to the spread of the dangerous legionella bacteria.

Legionella in the Lungs
Legionnella bacteria found in pneumonia patient.

This year’s previous outbreak, in August, was traced by New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) to the Opera House Hotel cooling tower in the South Bronx. It killed 12 people and sickened over 120 making it the city’s most severe outbreak to date.

Since the first cases of this most recent outbreak in late September were reported, the NYC Health Department has tested 35 cooling towers for the legionella bacteria. 15 towers – almost half of those tested – were found positive for the bacteria.

The primary sources have been tracked to:

  • Albert Einstein College of Medicine (6 buildings: a) the Boiler Plant, 1199 Sackett Avenue; b) Chanin Institute for Cancer Research, 1845 Eastchester Road; c) Michael F. Price Center, 1301 Morris Park Avenue; d) Ullmann Research Center for Health Sciences, 1250 Morris Park Avenue; e) Belfer Education Center for Health Sciences,1865 Eastchester Road; and f) Eastchester Road Residence Complex, 1925-1935 Eastchester Road).
  • Calvary Hospital (1740 Eastchester Road);
  • Bronx State Psychiatric (1500 Waters Place);
  • Lehman High School (2964 East Tremont Avenue); and
  • Chase Bank (2725 East Tremont).

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