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Patients injured by Wallcur IV bags and their families can get answers to questions regarding a lawsuit against the company and a hospital or clinic. The claims would be product liability and medical malpractice. For a FREE consultation, submit our free consultation form (click here now).

Even after a Wallcur IV Bag recall, the CDC and FDA are getting reports of multiple instances of the Wallcur simulated saline solution (made for training and not sterile) being administered to patients.

Something went terribly wrong, probably on many levels. Precautions should have been in place at every level to prevent Wallcur simulated IV solution from being used on patients.


Wallcur makes “simulated” Practi-0.9% sodium chloride IV solution. This solution is made for training purposes only and should not be used on humans or animals. However, some health care providers have been using this solution on patients. The result has been at least 40 (and we are guessing far more) people have been administered the Wallcur IV solution. Some of them have experienced fever, chills, tremors and headache. Tragically, one patient died.

We are looking at a number of legal issues, including whether the design of the Wallcur product was defective because it too closely resembled other products meant for use on patients. We are also looking at bag labeling and whether it was adequate to prevent use on patients.

The medical malpractice claims are based on negligent use of a simulated product on patients, putting them at risk for infection and severe illness. There may also be claims against distributors and suppliers.

Wallcur IV Solution Recall

A couple of weeks ago, Wallcur issued a recall of its Practi-0.9% sodium chloride IV solution. At that time, the FDA issued an updated warning (the first had gone out in December of 2014 before the recall). Although 400,000 health care professionals were reached in December and more on January 16, the recalled, simulated IV solution is still being administered to patients and it is still in the pharmaceutical supply chain, posing a continuing risk to patients.

The products were distributed to health facilities in 22 states.

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