There are 43 confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease (Legionella pneumonia), including 8 deaths, in Quincy, Illinois, according to The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Adams County Health Department (ACHD).

Of the 43, 39 of these cases and 7 of the deaths are connected to the Illinois Veterans’ Home-Quincy, according to the IDPH. Test results are currently pending for other residents.

Update: Our law firm representing people who contracted Legionella pneumonia (also called Legionnaires’ disease) in an outbreak connected to the Illinois Veterans’ Home in Quincy, Illinois. Since this was written, the death count has risen to 12.

Our thoughts are with those sickened and the families of those who did not survive.

Help for People Sickened at the Veterans’ Home in Quincy

Our law firm is investigating the outbreak of Legionella pneumonia, also called legionellosis, at the Veterans’ Home-Quincy. This severe type of pneumonia is contracted when Legionella bacteria in water mist is breathed in by an older person or someone with a compromised immune system.

Because older people are at high risk, it is critical for nursing homes and other care facilities for the elderly (like the Veterans’ Home) to take every measure to prevent Legionella bacteria from growing in a building’s water system. With over 30 people sickened in this outbreak, it is clear something went wrong at this facility.

Legionella Bacteria - CDC“As part of our investigation of the Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at the Illinois Veterans’ Home-Quincy, we asked our local health care providers to help us with surveillance of the disease and test individuals in the community who have symptoms related to Legionnaires’ disease,” said Adams County Health Department Administrator Jerrod Welch. “We continue to focus on the outbreak at the Illinois Veterans’ Home-Quincy and investigate possible sources of Legionella bacteria and make recommendations on how to eliminate the bacteria.”