Souplantation Ecoli

The information below is about a 2007 outbreak. If you have been sickened since then, find out if you have the legal right to sue the restaurant for E. coli O157.

E coli Bacteria

SOUPLANTATION LAWSUIT UPDATE: The 15 cases of E. coli linked to Souplantation may be related to the recall of 75,000 pounds of ground beef by United Food Group LLC. If genetic fingerprinting tests confirm the connection, a Souplantation lawsuit could include United Food Group LLC, any distributors, and others. Even without the connection between Souplantation and the recalled ground beef, Souplantation may be held 100% liable for any damages suffered by the 15 victims of this outbreak.

Souplantation E. coli Food Poisoning Outbreak

California health officials have stated that 15 people who ate at Souplantation in southern Orange County have contracted E. coli infections. The victims dined at Souplantation between March 23 and March 25, 2007.

San Diego-based Souplantation specializes in a soups and salads at 100 restaurants nationwide, including 34 in Southern California. Its parent company, Garden Fresh Restaurant Corp., issued a statement Monday saying that only one restaurant was involved.