Bitten by a Dog or Attacked at PetSmart

If you have been involved in a dog attack at PetSmart, you may have the right to a money settlement against both the owner of the animal and the store.

This business allows dogs in the store. When someone is injured at a store, the store owner, lessee, and others may be liable under premises liability law.

When a dog attacks someone, the owner is generally liable for any resulting injuries. You can contact the Pritzker Hageman dog bite attorneys for a 100% free consultation on your case.

A settlement in a dog bite lawsuit could include amounts for any of the following:

  • Hospital bills and other medical expenses;
  • Lost income–money you lost because you were bitten by a dog; and
  • Pain and suffering, which includes physical pain, emotional distress, disfigurement, disability, loss of quality of life, and embarrassment.

Every settlement should include money for the disfigurement, primarily scars, caused by bite marks and tearing of flesh.

If someone dies, the next of kin may have a wrongful death claim.

PetSmart Dog Bite News

  • In July of 2015, a Texas court awarded $495,000 to a family whose 4-year-old daughter was attacked by a Rottweiler in 2013 inside a Petsmart on Lawrence Road in Wichita Falls, Texas. On the day of the attack, that Petsmart was hosting an “Adopt a Dog” event at the store. The Rottweiler was being walked around the store for that event when it attacked the girl on her face and head.
  • In January of 2015, a man was attacked by a pit bull while shopping at the store in Southfield. It happened without warning. The owner just walked out of the door, and none of the employees tried to stop him. The injuries were to the man’s thigh (
  • In March of 2011, a young girl had to have rabies shots after a dog bit her thumb at a store in New Jersey. The owner of the animal bolted right after the accident, leaving the mother no choice but to take precautions and get the shots. The store investigated the incident and finally provided information on the “pet parent.” (

Injured by a dog at PetSmart?

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