Testimonial: Help after Son Drowned in Pool

Holding Hands after Wrongful Death

The following testimonial was written by one of our clients, a man whose son had drowned in a swimming pool during gym class. Pritzker Hageman attorneys helped the family sue the school district for wrongful death and obtained a $3 million settlement for the family.

“After our family mourned in excruciating pain over the school drowning death of our son we sought justice and turned to the attorneys at the Pritzker Hageman law firm to uncover the truth of what happened.

What our attorneys and their team discovered was that pool safety in the school was nothing more than an afterthought. If those responsible for supervising children in the pool had been following rules and paying attention, our son would still be with us. Our legal team proved that our son didn’t die by accident and our greatest relief was to watch these lawyers work and fight for our son. They worked for us 100 percent and then some.”

True Accountability

“In memory of Abdullahi, we were dedicated then, as we are now, to ensuring our son did not die in vain. We feel that by holding the school accountable through litigation, all other people who are responsible for school pools will keep the safety of children as their utmost priority at all times. On the day Abdullahi died, pool safety was an afterthought. Our wrongful death drowning lawsuit against the school district proved that pool safety must always be the first concern.

The multi-million dollar settlement in our case was the maximum — the upper limit of the school’s liability policy. In the end, our attorneys weren’t pushy at all.  They let us decide on the settlement. It gave our family relief and there was enough money that we could put it away for our remaining children to help them succeed in life in the future. What we’ve got is enough for our family, our kids. I recommend the Pritzker Hageman firm for anyone who needs the right attorney.”

Lawyers Who Fight For You

The Pritzker Hageman lawyers were the ones I picked over a lot of other lawyers because they were determined to find out the truth. They constantly gave us feedback and helped us understand what was going on. These are the attorneys you really want to handle your case. They feel the pain you and your family are feeling and they fight for you — very compassionate and very experienced. Fred was so calm and so good at explaining things. They were hard-working and patient. I felt comfortable.

When our attorneys questioned people in the deposition process, they uncovered deception by some witnesses and they were tireless in their technique. The firm spent its own money to conduct an independent investigation of the facts and they were always following up on new leads to find the truth. The greatest relief was seeing our attorneys push for an explanation of what really happened. They asked harder and harder and harder questions. They tried their best and that’s what gave us relief.”