Can I Sue If My Baby Contracted Pseudomonas At The Hospital?

Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterium
Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterium

Pseudomonas (usually the Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain) is a type of bacteria that can be particularly dangerous when it infects vulnerable people.  The elderly, people on ventilators, people with burn injuries, people with catheters, and babies…especially premature babies…are at greatest risk for contracting Pseudomonas infections.  Because of this, hospitals know they must be especially vigilant when caring for these vulnerable patients.  Any caregiver who comes in contact with these patients must thoroughly clean their hands before touching their patient or any equipment that will be used on their patient.  Any tools, equipment or surfaces that will come in contact with the patient must be sanitized and stored to prevent contamination.  If these procedures are not implemented or followed a Pseudomonas infection can result and lead to serious injury or even the death of a vulnerable patient.

Yes, you can file a lawsuit if your baby contracted Pseudomonas at the hospital

If your baby contracted Pseudomonas at the hospital, it is likely that necessary infection control procedures were either not in place or not followed and you can sue for compensation, for answers, to force necessary changes and to get justice for your child. We have seen these kinds of cases, where vulnerable babies have been made very sick, often with fatal results, far too often. Even after their initial recovery, children frequently end up with complications and limitations…and the expenses that go with them…that will last their entire lives.

Lawyers Eric Hageman and Fred Pritzker
Attorneys Eric Hageman and Fred Pritzker lead our infant bacterial disease legal team

If it gets into their lungs, Pseudomonas can cause severe pneumonia in newborns, and if it gets into their gastrointestinal tract (their gut), it can cause a condition called necrotizing enterocolitis where the intestine literally dies from the infection.  This is often fatal and even when it is not it can cause severe and often life-long injuries.

Pritzker Hageman is one of the few law firms in the country with significant experience with cases involving hospital-acquired bacterial disease in infants. We are leaders in advancing research and investigations into cases where infants have been harmed and our attorneys have specific experience successfully representing the parents of babies who have suffered from necrotising enterocolitis. We understand how devastating a Pseudomonas infection is for babies and their families. We handle all the legal work and will provide advice dealing with insurers and billing, so you can concentrate on caring for yourself and your family.

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