Thirty people have been hospitalized with Listeria infections they got from eating contaminated Enoki mushrooms imported from Korea. Four people have died and two women pregnant women have suffered miscarriages.

The outbreak, which has sickened 36 people in 17 states, has been linked to enoki mushrooms imported from Korea. Two companies have issued recalls for mushrooms after samples tested positive for Listeria Sun Hong Foods Inc. and Guan’s Mushroom Co.

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Enoki mushrooms are also called enokitake, golden needle, futu and lily mushrooms. The recalled mushrooms were sold in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Texas.


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Each year in the U.S., about 1,600 people contract Listeria infections from contaminated food. Typically about 90 percent need hospitalization and 15 to 20 percent die. Symptoms of a Listeria infection, called listeriosis, include fever, headache, stiff neck muscle aches, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. Among pregnant women, Listeria can cause miscarriage and stillbirth.

The people sickened in this outbreak range in age from less than 1 year old to 97 years old. These patients reported onset of symptoms on dates ranging from November 23, 2016 to December 13, 2019.

The number of cases from each state is: Arizona (2), California (9), Florida (2), Hawaii (3), Indiana (1), Kentucky (1), Massachusetts (2), Maryland (2) Michigan (1), Missouri (1), North Carolina (1), New Jersey (1), Nevada (1), New York (4), Rhode Island (1), Tennessee (1), and Virginia (3).


Enoki Mushroom Listeria Outbreak

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