Brendan Flaherty
Attorney Brendan Flaherty

Attorney Brendan Flaherty gave an hour long talk entitled “Public Health and Foodborne Illness Litigation” to the Minnesota Environmental Health Association this morning at the organizations Winter Education Conference.  Brendan spoke on the importance of robust public health investigation and inspection programs, how important these programs are in litigation, and how this system makes companies improve the safety of their products.

Other speakers included Craig Hedberg, PhD, Kelly Muellman, Tom Hogan, Laura Suppes, PhD, and David Brown, PE. They spoke on topics ranging from the impact of climate change on food safety to risks associated with swimming pool water ingestion.

“I was thrilled to share my experiences as a litigator with some of the best public health professionals in the country.  They are the reason why the public health infrastructure in Minnesota is an example to the rest of the country,” said Brendan.

The Minnesota Environmental Health Association is an organization of public health professionals. It usually holds 3 conferences each year in the fall, winter and spring.  Anyone interested in becoming a member should contact a board member.