While others unwind after a long, hard day of work by exercising, listening to music or simply kicking back and putting their feet up, attorney Ryan Osterholm has a different way of relaxing: growing giant pumpkins.

A veteran pumpkin producer, Osterholm devoted countless hours over the past summer in an effort to grow his biggest pumpkin yet. Starting in early summer, Osterholm nursed his giant pumpkin from seed into behemoth through careful monitoring and ample food supply.

Attorney Ryan Osterholm Grows Giant PumpkinOsterholm not only set a new record for himself but managed to grow a pumpkin that weighed in at approximately 458 lbs, over 200 lbs. more than his previous pumpkin weight record. When asked what he planned to do with his giant pumpkin, Osterholm responded simply: “Carve it.”

And carve it he did. Using a chain saw, Osterholm carved his giant pumpkin into the large, grinning jack-o-lantern you see here. Legal secretary Sue Kaiser is also shown, who along with some friends, made the pilgrimage to Ryan’s house on Halloween to bear witness to Osterholm’s latest accomplishment.

“I have never seen a pumpkin that big,” Kaiser remarked. “I had been following the pumpkin’s progress all summer through weekly pumpkin pictures from Ryan, but I never expected how large it would actually be.”

As far as Osterholm is concerned though, this pumpkin is merely a stepping-stone. He plans to use what he learned from this growing experience to raise a bigger and better pumpkin next year.