Attorney Fred Pritzker recently won $4.5 million for an E. coli victim in Michigan. Our law firm is one of only a few in the country that has sucessfully represented E. coli victims who developed hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS).

To contact Fred or a member of his team about an E. coli lawsuit you can call 1-888-377-8900 (toll free) or fill out the law firm’s free consultation request form.

Michigan E. coli O157 Outbreak in a Saginaw County Prison

In 2012, dozens of inmates and 7 staff members at a Saginaw County correctional facility were sickened in an outbreak of E. coli poisoning.  Four of the inmates were hospitalized. If it can be determined what food caused an outbreak in a jail or prison, inmates sickened in a food poisoning outbreak may have the right to sue for money to compensate them. Fred and his team should be contacted by inmates who want compensation for their illness. In addition, if inmates did not get adequate medical care, their constitutional rights may have been violated. Our attorneys have handled cases like this.

Michigan E. coli O26 Outbreak Linked to Jimmy Johns

In 2011-2012, people in 6 states became infected after eating Jimmy Johns sandwiches with raw sprouts. The outbreak investigation pinpointed raw clover sprouts as the source of the illnesses.

Eleven patients were interviewed. Of these, ten said they ate at a Jimmy John’s sandwich restaurant the week before they got sick. These ten people ate at nine different Jimmy John’s locations in four different states. Of the ten, eight said they ate a sandwich with sprouts, and nine, with lettuce.

Health officials identified a lot of clover seeds used to grow clover sprouts served at Jimmy John’s restaurant locations where ill persons ate. The Food and Drug Administration and state health officials conducted a traceback investigation that found two sprouting facilities used the same lot of seed to grow clover sprouts that were served at these Jimmy John’s restaurant locations during the time the people sickened ate at them.

Michigan E. coli O157 Outbreak Linked to McNees Ground Beef in 2011

An outbreak in 2011 was linked to eating ground beef processed and distributed by McNees Meats and Wholesale LLC, a Michigan company. There were five laboratory-confirmed E. coli cases and four probable cases in the following counties: Lapeer, Genesee, Isabella, and Sanilac. Six of the nine people sickened ended up in the hospital.

Some of the people sickened ate the ground beef at restaurants.