“I became a lawyer to help people in difficult situations and hold wrongdoers accountable.”Attorney Kate Flom

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Kate Flom was eight years old when she found out what a difference a good lawyer makes. While doing back to school shopping with her mom, they witnessed police pull over a car, yank the driver out, and begin beating him. Kate’s mother, a nurse, ran over to try to intervene and they ultimately followed the police to the station where her mother insisted on giving a statement. Kate was able to take the day off from school to accompany her mom to court, and the man was acquitted. He said he never would have won the case unless he had a good lawyer and a good witness.

Kate started her career as an assistant public defender and after trying many cases, left government service to work in personal injury. She’s obtained millions in compensation for her clients, including a multi-million dollar settlement for a young man injured by a drunk driver, a seven figure settlement for the death of child caused by medical malpractice and many substantial settlements and verdicts for clients injured or killed including: death from Legionnaire’s disease, a worker’s crushed arm, sexual abuse in foster care, drunk driving injuries, construction injuries, auto crashes, sexual abuse by clergy and others, and dog attacks.

Kate’s clients are her most important partners in achieving these results.

“We work together to navigate the complexities of medical care, financial concerns, and the legal case. Compensation is only one part of what a legal claim may achieve. Sometimes we want to stop someone from harming others, like getting a foster care license revoked. Sometimes we demand employee education to ensure the same mistakes don’t happen again. Sometimes a memorial is requested, so that people remember, and, when remembering, want to prevent future tragedy.”

Each client and each case is different. Kate listens to her clients and works with them to achieve their goals.

Some of her own life experiences help her in her practice. Kate wasn’t ready to attend law school after college so took two years off and worked as a laborer in public works, residential and commercial building. She’s experienced what it’s like to work in high rise buildings with floors and supports but no walls or railings. She understands first-hand the factors that come into play that lead to serious injuries and death on the job, having witnessed a crane boom slip, killing one worker outright and crushing the legs of a second worker who survived. She supported herself in law school working in the restaurant industry. She knows what bartenders and servers should be watching for when serving alcohol. She’s seen what happens in the kitchens and other restaurant areas that can lead to food borne illness.

Kate has also had experience with two severely disabled family members and knows first-hand the obstacles, frustrations, fears and rewards that disability brings.

Kate loves her work because it always brings new challenges and new people to work with. If you’d like to contact Kate about your case please email her at [email protected] or call her direct line at 612-367-8344.

Family and Personal Life

Outside of the office Kate is the proud grandma to two grandsons ages 2 and 6. Kate and the boys like exploring anything and everything from the zoo and science museum to light rail, bus rides and bugs in the grass.  Her family also includes her husband of 24 years, two stepdaughters, a border collie named Bongo, and cats Chloe and Ziggy. When not adventuring with her grandsons Kate enjoys kayaking, rowing, skiing, and biking.

“There is no greater professional satisfaction than knowing I’ve helped my clients and made a difference in their lives.”Attorney Kate Flom

Young Man Injured in Drunk Driving Crash

A 22 year old received a C-1 neck fracture when the truck he was a passenger in went out of control and rolled several times, ejecting all parties. The friends had been drinking together at a local bar before the crash. As a result of his injuries, he is a paralyzed from the neck down. Claims were brought against the bar at which the friends had been drinking and against the driver and owner of the truck.

Settlement: 2.1 million dollars

Motorcyclist Injured When Auto Cut Across His Lane

A 40-year-old man riding his motorcycle was cruising in the right lane when an out-of-state car driver crossed two lanes of the highway to catch an exit ramp to another road. Although there was no contact, the motorcyclist was forced onto the shoulder of the highway, and had to ‘lay down’ his bike to avoid crashing into a guard rail. The motorcyclist sustained severe injuries to his knee, ankle, arm and torso. Kate was able to obtain a partial settlement of the underlying policy, while preserving the excess claim, so her client would have some money to live on while he was disabled and undergoing several surgeries and rehabilitation.

Settlement: 1.5 million.

Metal Fabrication Worker Injured by Faulty Machine

A man working at a local metal fabricating plant suffered a de-gloving injury in which he lost two fingers and much of the skin of his forearm and hand when his arm became caught in a metal slitting machine. After reconstructive surgeries, he had limited use of his hand and three remaining fingers. Suit was brought against the manufacturer of the machine for failing to put adequate warnings on the machine, and installing an emergency shut off switch that was inaccessible when her client’s arm was caught. The jury returned a significant verdict.

Verdict: $800,000

Northern MN Physician Sexually Abuses Patient

A married family practice physician in northern Minnesota was providing treatment to a 35-year-old single mother of two with depression. The doctor claimed to be in love with his patient, and made sexual overtures toward her in the examining room. He also sought to meet her outside of the office for intimacy. The patient’s depression worsened and she developed additional symptoms, ultimately seeking treatment from a psychiatrist who encouraged her to report the abuse. The case settled without a lawsuit for a confidential amount.

Carpet-Layer Receives Brain Injury On the Job

A carpet-layer was delivering rolls of carpet to a Twin Cities construction site, when a piece of plywood blew off the roof and fell three stories, striking him on the head. Although he was wearing a hard hat, the carpet layer was struck unconscious and rushed to a trauma center. He was diagnosed with a concussion and neck and back injuries, suffered seizures, severe headaches, and episodes of forgetfulness. One year later he returned to work, but takes anti-seizure medication. Kate sued the general contractor and numerous subcontractors to establish whose plywood blew off the roof and hit the carpet-layer.

Settlement: $477,500

Retired Man Attacked by Vicious Dogs

A retired man was taking his morning walk in rural Minnesota when three dogs owned by a neighbor got loose and attacked him, biting him numerous times and dragging him into a ditch. A passing motorist was able to scare the dogs away and called the sheriff, who had to shoot one of the dogs so ambulance personnel could tend to the wounded man. The case settled for the policy limit from the dogs’ owner.

Settlement: $500,000



  • Hamline University School of Law, J.D.
  • Bates College, B.A.

Bar Memberships and Certifications

  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin
  • Federal District Court – Minnesota
  • 8th Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Certified as a Civil Trial Specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (2006) and the Minnesota State Bar Association (1999)

Professional Affiliations

  • Exoneration Remedies Panel (Minn. Stat. § 611.363) (2015, 2017)
  • Civil Justice Reform Task Force (2011)
  • Minnesota Supreme Court Advisory Committee on Rules of Civil Procedure, 2007-2012
  • Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association (currently Minnesota Association for Justice) – president 2004-2005
  • Academy of Certified Trial Lawyers of Minnesota
  • Minnesota Women’s Lawyers, Advisory Board 2008-2011
  • American Board of Trial Advocates – Minnesota Chapter

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