“Fred and Eric proved that our son didn’t die by accident and our greatest relief was to watch these lawyers work and fight for our son.” –a client whose son was drowned while in a school district pool during gym class.

Listeria Food Poisoning

Listeria and Listeriosis Clients

Pat and John

“When John tested positive for listeriosis, our family was horrified. We had no idea what had made him sick or how any of this was possible,” says Pat, whose husband was sickened after consuming a food product contaminated with Listeria bacteria.

“Following the advice of my family, I began to interview lawyers.  Fred Pritzker came into the rehab hospital in July to meet with my brother and I.”

“I will say that hiring Fred was one of the best decisions I made throughout this ordeal.  He is smart, caring, and incredibly hard working.”

Pat and John have become tireless food safety advocates. It has been our privilege to know them as clients and friends.

E. coli and Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

E coli

E. coli Bacteria

“When I was seventeen years old, I became very sick with a food-borne illness called E. coli. I later learned that I got the bacteria from an under-cooked meat product. Because of this, I suffered from hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which caused my kidneys to fail. I was on dialysis for three months,” says one of our young clients.

“Fred Pritzker was there for some very difficult times in my family.”

“My case was settled for several million dollars. I cannot imagine pursuing the lawsuit with any other firm, yes they are very professional but, more importantly, they care about their clients. They take that extra step.”



Motorcycle Accident

Albert was hurled nearly 60 feet when a car pulled in front of his motorcycle. He wasn’t wearing a helmet and suffered a fractured temple bone, a severed nerve that caused him to lose hearing in one ear, and brain contusions. He had what are called closed head injuries where the damage inside doesn’t necessarily show on the outside. Eventually, he had to close his recently opened janitorial business because he physically couldn’t do it.

“The people at Pritzker Law showed me a lot of compassion and interest. They set up so many appointments for me. They wanted to get to the root of the problem,” says Albert. “It’s a dynamite law firm. They care; they’re honest; and they’ll take good care of you.”

Car Accident

Car Crash“Fred would just sit down and tell me what to expect. I liked that. It built trust between us. We settled out of court. But he did prepare us in case we had to go in that direction. Nothing can ever replace what I lost or what I continue to lose, but I was satisfied with what we got,” says Deanne, who needed back fusion surgery after a crash.

“I have recommended Pritzker Law, and I would do that over and over again. I was very pleased. They feel like a big part of my life. They are a wonderful bunch of people.”

Quotes by Some of our Clients

“Fred and Eric proved that our son didn’t die by accident and our greatest relief was to watch these lawyers work and fight for our son.”

“They worked for us 100 percent and then some.”

“The Pritzker law firm will do more than you’ll ever know for any person who has lost a child.’’

“Fred kept his word.’’

“They constantly gave us feedback and helped us understand what was going on.”

“They feel the pain you and your family are feeling and they fight for you.”

“Very compassionate and very experienced.”

“The greatest relief was seeing our attorneys push for an explanation of what really happened.’’

“They let us decide on the settlement. It gave our family relief and there was enough money that we could put it away for our remaining children to help them succeed in life in the future.’’

“It seems so inadequate for me to just say “Thank You” for everything this law firm has done for me and my family.”

“The financial piece of my settlement certainly eliminates any future uncertainty in terms of me being able to adequately provide for my own needs.”

“The lawyers at Pritzker provided encouragement and promised that they would see me through to the end no matter the outcome.’’

“I have a sense of closure now because those responsible did not escape without consequence.”

“Now I can breathe free and not worry about it.’’

“Fred put me in touch with one of the country’s best prosthetists. Long before we had a settlement, I had a new leg and that meant a lot.’’

“It was a great help to have them in my corner.’’

“It helped a great deal to know they had everything under control. I felt like I wasn’t in a free fall anymore.’’

“We put our trust in Fred at the beginning and that trust only grew.”

“Fred is like family now.”

“These cases are about money, yes, but I didn’t feel like that’s all it was.’’

“I had confidence in them because they had handled cases like this where there were tragic losses.’’

“They knew what they were doing.’’

“They have interest in you as a person.’’

“They were sensitive to our kids and what they were going through.’’

“They were always very willing to listen to what I had to say. I just thought they were very human.’’

“It would be a lot scarier if we didn’t have the settlement money.’’

“They explained the process in a way that made sense and it was a relief for me not to think about all the legal aspects.’’

“There were so many things that they delved into on our behalf. I just let them take care of it.’’

“They always notified us and gave us lots of time to decide.’’