What Should I Do if a Company Truck Driver Hit My Car?

Below are 10 things you should do (or not do) if your car was hit by a company truck driver. If you would like talk with one of our lawyers, you can call 1-888-377-8900 (toll-free).

10 Things to Do to Protect Your Legal Rights after a Truck Accident

1. Report Your Truck Accident to Your Insurance Company.

You need to report the accident to your insurance company.  When you do, do not tell them how you feel or provide any information other then what is in the accident report.  If your insurance company asks you a question that makes you uncomfortable, tell them your attorney will talk with them, and give us a call. Do not sign anything without contacting our truck accident lawyers first.

Semi-Truck Accident Inspection

Attorneys Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman inspect a semi-truck after an accident. They recently won $10 million for a man who was severely burned.

2. Do Not Talk to Other Insurance Companies or Sign Anything

You will most likely be contacted by insurance companies regarding the accidentDo not speak to themDo not sign anything! If you have not retained a lawyer, tell the insurance representative that you are retaining a lawyer and that the lawyer will contact them.  If you have retained a lawyer, give the insurance company representative the phone number of the law firm and no other information.  Most people do not realize that even a friendly conversation with an insurance representative can be used against them.  For example, most representatives will express concern and ask how you are and/or how your child is if the child was involved in the accident.  Do not answer them.  Give them our phone number (1-888-377-8900) and say nothing else.  Remember that insurance representatives are trained to get information from you that the insurance company can use in its favor.

3. Do Not Talk to the Trucking Company’s Claims Adjuster or Sign Anything

You may also be contacted by the company’s claims adjuster, who began to protect the trucking company’s interests right after your accident. The designated investigator collects evidence to defend or minimize the claim.  The trucking company adjuster may attempt to steer you away from hiring a truck accident attorney, because they know that if you have an attorney, you are more likely to receive a larger settlement. We highly recommend that you do not discuss your trucking accident with the trucking adjuster or anyone unless you have attorney representation, as anything you say may be used against you later.  If you are contacted by the trucking company’s adjuster, provide the phone number of your truck accident attorney, if you have retained one.  If you have not retained an attorney, tell the adjuster you are planning on hiring one, ask for the adjuster’s phone number and tell the adjuster that you will have your attorney call.  As with insurance representatives, most adjusters will express concern and ask how you are and/or how your child is if a child was involved in the accident.  Do not answer them.

Truck Crash Inspection

Attorney Brendan Flaherty inspects a semi-trailer that has been in a crash. Contact our law firm for a free case evaluation (click here now) with Brendan or another one of our lead lawyers for these lawsuits.

4. Take Photographs

Photographs of the accident are evidence. Take photographs of your vehicle before any repairs are done on it or before it is destroyed.  If you retain our law firm, we will attempt to locate your vehicle and take additional pictures if necessary.  If you are able, take photos of the truck and as much of the accident scene as possible, including any debris.  You should also take pictures of your injuries.  If your loved one is the person injured in the accident, it can be difficult to take these pictures.  We will hire a photographer to take the pictures if you prefer.  When the victim is a child, parents are often uncomfortable having any pictures taken, particularly by a photographer.  We understand.  It may be helpful to discuss this and other issues with attorney Fred Pritzker, our senior partner with over 30 years of experience.

5. Obtain Information and Forward it to Your Attorney

If you have contact information from witnesses and/or license plate numbers of the cab and trailer and other vehicles involved in the crash, that information should be forwarded to your lawyer.

6. Make Sure Your Police Report is Filed

If you retain a lawyer at our firm we can do that for you.

7. Report Your Accident to DMV, if Necessary

In some states, you must report an accident to the department of motor vehicles if the truck accident caused a death, injury or more than property damage over a certain amount.

8. Photograph and Inspect Vehicle Before Repairs or Demolition

Make sure that your vehicle and the truck are inspected and photographed before any repairs are made.

9. See a Doctor as Soon as Possible after the Truck Accident

Our law firm has information about the best medical professionals for truck accident injuries throughout the country.  Contact us if you would like us to help you in this area.  For our clients, we monitor their injuries and make sure they get the best medical specialists.  Throughout the recovery process, we use cutting-edge technology to document your injuries and how they affect every aspect of your life.

10. Retain a Truck Accident Attorney

Because truck accident cases are complex and multiple insurance companies may be involved, you will need to retain a lawyer to represent you.  This should be done as soon after the accident as possible.  If you retain one of our attorneys, we will immediately begin investigating the accident, gathering and preserving evidence and taking all measures necessary to preserve your legal rights and obtain compensation for you. Companies with their own fleet of trucks include FedEx, UPS, Walmart, and many others. These corporate giants have teams of lawyers, and you need someone fighting for your legal right to compensation.

Our lawyers have won multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts in lawsuits against trucking companies, including a recent $5.1 million settlement for one client.

For more information, see our truck accident FAQ.

Compensation for Severe Injuries Caused by a Company Truck Can Dramatically Improve Your Life

If you have been severely injured in a crash caused by a company truck, you may be wondering how you will get through it. Many of our clients have felt the same way as you do right now.

One of our clients for whom we won $5 Million had this to say:

The financial piece of my settlement certainly eliminates any future uncertainty in terms of me being able to adequately provide for my own needs. Now I can breathe free and not worry about it.’’