Personal Injury News

07 Oct
Boise Couple Killed by Dump Truck Hauling Sand

A couple from Boise, Idaho, was tragically killed when a truck rolled onto their pick up, filling it with sand.1 The couple, 59-year-old Rosanne Frontino and 62-year-old James Frontino Jr., was pronounced dead at the scene Monday afternoon, October 5,…

Elliot Olsen
07 Oct
Legionnaires’ Disease in the Workplace

With Legionnaires’ Disease cases on the rise in the United States, occupational health and safety experts are increasingly exploring ways to heighten employer awareness of ways to prevent the potentially fatal disease in the workplace. According to the Occupational Safety…

Moray Eel, Ciguatera
06 Oct
If You Eat Fish, You Need to Know About Ciguatera Poisoning

If you eat fish, you need to know about Ciguatera poisoning, a type of food poisoning that is linked to fish harvested in warm waters. Ciguatera is a toxin produced by micro algae called Gambierdiscus toxicus. It does not change…

people walking on sidewalk
06 Oct
El Paso Pedestrian Badly Injured by Truck on Sidewalk

Ema Saenz of El Paso, Texas, was walking on a city sidewalk with a 7-year-old child when a Chevy truck ran her over as the two pedestrians crossed a driveway. The truck injury, reported by the City of El Paso…

Ryan Osterholm
05 Oct
Lawsuit Filed for Salmonella from Fig & Olive in Washington DC

Attorneys Ryan Osterholm and Brendan Flaherty are representing a woman who filed a lawsuit today alleging she contracted a Salmonella infection (salmonellosis) from the Fig & Olive located at 934 Palmer Alley NW, Washington DC. The lawsuit was filed in…

Cucumbers from iStockphoto
03 Oct
Deadly Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Cucumbers Sickens 671

The outbreak of Salmonella Poona linked to cucumbers imported by Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce has sickened at least 671 people in 34 states. Three people have died: one in Arizona, one in California, and one in Texas. And 131…

Wayward SUV Causes Bicycle Death in Hermantown

Richard Brill, a computer expert at the University of Minnesota Duluth, was biking on the shoulder of a road in nearby Hermantown when a Chevy Tahoe SUV crossed over the centerline and into Mr. Brill’s path. The 44-year-old husband, father…