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Our experience with bicycle lawsuits guides us in helping families pick up the pieces, and our resolve as lawyers has resulted in numerous multi-million-dollar settlements for our clients.

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$2.4 Million Verdict For Client in Bicycle Wrongful Death Case

Attorneys Eric Hageman and Fred Pritzker represented the family of a 53-year old bicyclist who was killed when she was run over by the trailer wheels of a right-turning semi truck at a busy intersection. The police report indicated that the bicyclist was at fault and the truck driver was not. Pritzker and Hageman took the case, did their own investigation, and discovered evidence that would help them win the case.

In the course of their investigation, they obtained the truck driver’s logbooks and were able to determine that there were numerous falsifications, which should have caused the driver to be out of service at the time of the crash.  During the deposition, it was also revealed that the truck driver had failed to monitor his right outside mirrors during his turn. This failure was compounded by the truck driver’s admission that he believed he was pulling a 48-foot trailer, as opposed to a 53-foot trailer. At trial, the defense asserted that the bicyclist was primarily at fault because she had fallen off her bike prior to getting run over, but the jury disagreed. For their work on the trial, Pritzker and Hageman were named “Attorneys of the Year.”

Can I File a Lawsuit after a Bike Accident?

Unfortunately, many bicycle crashes involve inattentive drivers.  In most cases, the driver’s fault consists of failing to yield to the cyclist, backing out of a driveway, opening a car door as a cyclist rides by, running a stop sign, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or simple inattentiveness. If you have been injured by an inattentive driver, you can hold them responsible for their actions by filing a lawsuit.

How Much is My Case Worth?

For your attorneys to determine what your case is worth, they have to look at many factors. Our lawyers consult with our clients to understand the effect of the crash on their life, and with medical professionals to determine many cost associated with specific injuries. Contacting a lawyer is the best way to find out the value of your case.

Can I Sue a Bus Driver?

Our experience is that most cases where a bus driver runs over a bicyclist or pedestrian involve bus driver distraction. In one of our past cases, the bus driver looked back to respond to a bus passenger just as the driver was making a left turn. You can sue an at-fault bus driver.

Can I Sue a Semi Truck Driver?

Attorneys Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman won a $2,469,339 verdict in a wrongful death cases where bicycle was killed when she was run-over by a truck. You can sue a semi truck driver.

Can I Sue a Garbage Truck Driver?

When a garbage truck driver was at fault, the owner of the garbage truck (a city, county or private company), the garbage truck driver and others may be liable. Our attorneys look at corporate documents to find all liable parties. Our lawyers have won millions in lawsuits against truck drivers and the waste management companies that employ them. You can sue a garbage truck driver or waste management company.

Can I Sue after a Recall?

When a defective bicycle causes injury, it is called a product liability case. You can sue the manufacturer of the bicycle and possibly others for your medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages. You can sue if you were injured on a recalled bike.

Can I Sue for Damages after Treatment for Severe Injuries?

There are many different types of injuries that can result from bicycle collisions. Two of the most serious injuries that result from these types of accidents are traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.

Head Injuries (Traumatic Brain Injuries)

Head injuries sustained during a crash can result in permanent damage to the brain. This damage is often life-altering.

Suing  for damages after a traumatic brain injury.

Spine Injuries  (Spinal Cord Injuries)

Like head injuries, the damage caused by spinal injuries can be life-altering. Spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis, including quadriplegia (cervical spinal injury) and paraplegia.

Suing for damages after a spinal cord injury.
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Injury Attorney Cyclist Fred PritzkerAttorney Fred Pritzker

As a former triathlete, attorney Fred Pritzker has a strong understanding of the safety concerns and the possible risk of injury when riding on the road. This understanding has helped him successfully win large settlements and verdicts for clients involved in bicycle collisions.

Fred has worked as an Attorney for over 30 years and has recovered millions of dollars for crash victims. In recognition of his achievements, he has been named a Super Lawyer and was selected by other lawyers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America.

3 Steps You Should Take after a Bike Crash

As with any crash involving vehicles, there are a number of steps you need to take to ensure everything with your claim goes as smoothly as possible:

  1. For your medical problems, see a doctor as soon as possible. An injury can be underestimated. You may feel fine now, but some injuries, particularly neck, back and head injuries, can become quite painful and debilitating in the long-term.
  2. Get as much information as you can. Key items include the names, numbers and addresses of all the people involved, including witnesses. You will also need to keep track of insurance information and the reporting process. Make copies.
  3. Do not talk to anyone about the incident other than law enforcement personnel. Anything you say to insurance company representatives or investigators could make it harder for you to settle your claim. It is also a good idea not to sign anything, particularly some kind of release form, without talking to an attorney first. This is just a smart way for you to protect yourself.

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